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Functional Nutrition/Wellness

Functional nutrition and wellness focuses on optimizing cellular and metabolic function for optimal health.  Helping you uncover the root causes for imbalance that may be contributing to your past, current and even future conditions.


Nutritional genomics

Exploring the interplay between your genes, your environment and lifestyle and helps us understand how this may contribute to your current, past or future states of health and how these could be expressed differently.  It deals with SNP's such as MTHFR to help us uncover genomic influences on your state of wellness.


Environmental Medicine

Focuses on the influences environmental toxins can have on our health.  Many chronic diseases can be linked to chemical, heavy metal and other toxin exposure from our homes, food, cosmetics, cars, air, water or environment and often minimizing or eliminating exposure to these toxins is necessary to achieve long-term health...

In order to help you reach a better state of health, a detailed Assessment which includes a complete medical history, previous medical diagnoses and advanced functional lab testing.


The Chiropractic Approach

Understanding that we do not live in just a genetic or environmental world, but a blend of the two helps us get to the bottom of most conditions.  Listening and taking the time to hear every patients unique case puts us a step above the rest.  Call today to schedule your Functional appointment.

Frequently asked questions?

• When will I see results

Everyone is different, but most patients see some changes within 2-4 weeks.    


• Do I have to make dramatic changes in the way I live

Most conditions respond to simple changes in lifestyle and diet.  Understanding the why makes these changes much easier to adhere to.


• Do I have to take thousands of dollars of supplements to reach my goals

Changes in lifestyle and diet brings most of the changes to our patients.  When supplements are needed we will recommend the appropriate product and dosing that is necessary.


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