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IBS/Digestive Conditions

When talking to most people that suffer from IBS or digestive disorders, they have no idea that there are simple solutions that will help them greatly.  These conditions are results from poor eating habits and also the genetic modification of our food supply.  Understanding the cause of these disorders helps with these patients reclaiming there lives from the daily use of meds that only treat the symptoms.


Two Common Causes:


Auto Immune


Your Choices:

Continue listening to all the TV ads and pharmaceutical manufactures...Continue taking OTC meds or prescriptions that just take symptoms

Become educated on the disorder and learn how to get positive results through simple changes 

Frequently asked questions?

• Why doesn't my doctor know this

Most medical doctors are taught to treat symptoms, not the cause.  Symptom care is driven by big pharma and most doctors feel that they don't have the time to spend with patients that have questions.  Understanding the connections between certain systems of the body is something that western medicine has missed for decades.


• Will you work with my current doctor in managing my condition

We will always take the time to let your current doctor know what we have found and how we plan to proceed with your care.  It is our hope, that they will be interested in what we have found and how they can help with your care.


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