Chiropractic Testimonials

"From our first meeting with Dr. Joe, we were very impressed with his friendliness and professionalism. He demonstrated true concern for our well being and his skills and knowledge have indeed improved our health. Dr. Joe has a great personality and shows interest concern and care for the continued wellness of his patients.

We were experiencing lower back, forearm, elbow, and leg pains over several months which hampered our active lifestyle, especially playing golf. However, after several treatments and continued regular weekly visits, we were without pain and any discomfort thanks to Dr. Joe's knowledge and chiropractic skills.

We look forward to our visits to his office because we are always greeted by his smiling, outgoing, friendly and efficient staff. We appreciate and thank Dr. Joe and his great team of professionals for continued good health and wellness."

- Bob & Patti R.

"If you want to enjoy going to the chiropractor, Dr. Joe's is the place to go. The staff is awesome, friendly and caring. I feel like a million bucks when I leave. They take good care of you."

- Kathy B.

"Chiropractic has been a regular part of our lives for over forty years. We learned early that routine chiropractic adjustments not only corrected musculo-skeletal problems we had, but kept us feeling well all over.

We brought our children to the chiropractor as soon as possible after birth. Our chiropractor became our family doctor, treating us not only for aches and pains, but for fevers, skin rashes, childhood illnesses and more. We did not have our children immunized because we felt that their bodies should not be bombarded with all the toxins in the shots. As long as they were under regular chiropractic care, we felt that their bodies could fight whatever came along. When both were adults, they were tested to see if they had natural immunities to all the illnesses for which they would have been inoculated. One proved to have developed immunity to everything. The second was immune to all except one form of measles.

It's amazing how to body works to heal itself when it is kept in good working order. Chiropractic has done that for our family."

- Ken & Janie B.

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Doctor Grausgruber is a team chiropractor for NDSU Bison Athletics

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