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Thyroid Conditions

How many people do you know that have a thyroid condition or suspected thyroid condition.  Long before the doctor puts someone on medication there are signs and signals that most people ignore.  Many people are diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition without truly finding out if it's autoimmune.  Patients are given medication and changes in dosing can go on for years without ever finding the real cause of the problem. 


Two Common Causes:

Leaky Gut Syndrome: This is when the tight junctions between the cells in the stomach lining become separated and undigested food and other items pass through and get in the blood stream.  This causes an immune response that can wreak havoc on ones body.

Obesity, inflammation and an increase in cortisol:  Insulin control and cleaning up your diet is critical when it comes to this cause.  Many women find themselves suffering from this condition which can fall under another name:  PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome.


Your Choices:

After being diagnosed with hypothyroid, and only suffering from an increase in TSH, you can begin the rollercoaster ride of increases and decreases of medication. Continue that for years until you develop a real problem with your thyroid gland due to taking medication that was not necessary...OR

Start with someone listening and asking the right questions to find out when and where and how your condition started.  Ask you about previous lifestyle changes growing up and any other symptoms that may be important to note.   Call us today to schedule your Functional Assessment

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